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Extreme close-ups of human eyes by Suren Manvelyan


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F1 Seasons1990Ayrton Senna's 2nd title (P2 Alain Prost, P3 Nelson Piquet)


  • After winning 3 titles with McLaren, Alain Prost moved to Ferrari and partnered Nigel Mansell, while Senna stayed at McLaren and had a new team mate, Gerhard Berger;
  • New team Life appeared on the grid, powered by their own unconventional W12 engine design and piloted by Gary Brabham, son of triple world champion Sir Jack Brabham, and Bruno Giacomelli. The team only lasted 14 races in F1;
  • 13 of the 16 races were won by Senna, Prost and Piquet (Nigel Mansell won the Portuguese GP with his Ferrari, and Williams won 2 races, one with each driver, Riccardo Patrese and Thiery Boutsen);
  • Before the Japanese GP, Alessandro Nannini was involved in a helicopter crash and sustained career-ending injuries;
  • In qualifying for the Japanese GP, Senna took pole ahead of Prost, Mansell, Berger, Boutsen and Piquet. However, Senna was unhappy at the side on which the pole was located on as it was located on the dirty side of the track and thus the 2nd place being on the racing line which should give the 2nd-placed driver the advantage into the 1st corner. So he decided that he would go for any gap into the first corner if Prost had the advantage;
  • At the start, Prost did have the advantage and Senna went for the gap. Prost didn’t know it and drove the normal racing line. Senna's left front touched Prost's rear wing, spinning both of them into the gravel trap. The world championship was sealed;
  • Although Senna led by 9 points and there were 9 points for a win, if Prost won the last race he would have had to drop his 5th place in Canada which meant that he would be 2 points behind Senna even if Senna retired. Senna was the new world champion.

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"Do you like hurting people?"
Colored the Hotline Miami art! Had a lot of fun with this one — pink and seafoam up the wazoo.

they’re gr-r-reat!




Harry Clarke

 favorite fighting game characters in no particular order #112

→ Street Fighter - Dan Hibiki

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Mag feature post 365 by Lance J Thompson on Flickr.